The All Consuming Social Web

We are surrounded by content. We consume masses of information on a daily basis. We truly live in a consumption age. Now there is nothing wrong in consuming data in fact it is a wonderful way of learning. It is a wonderful way of exploring the world through the eyes of others, it is a wonderful way of expanding your knowledge.
But consumption in itself does not make you a wiser person. It may make you more knowledgable about the world...but it won't develop your thinking.
You need to combine reflection with consumption. Reflecting on what you are reading, reflecting on what you are learning allows you to turn that consumption into development.
It was Socrates who said "The unexamined life is not worth living"
I would update Socrates for the social media age by saying
"The unexamined consumption of information is information not worth having"
The question we should ask ourselves is 
'Do we consume or do we consume reflectively?'

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