New Search Engine Optimization Tips

Social Networking:

Social Networking and SMO is one of the best way and these are now considered as the web 2.0 and web 3.0 technologies, so i think every webmaster must use these technologies and make a network there, this will live your brand name in the public, even you don’t have to invest more money for online advertising if you this method.
Most of the tech gurus and other big giants are still using this method to grab leads for their websites, so it is also an important thing in search engine optimization. For this you need to use Twitter and Facebook share buttons to publicize your content.

Content is King – Updated Content:

Content is the heart and brain for any website, even you have done a perfect optimization and you do not have a Good and fresh content, then it is just waste of time. Because search engines love fresh content, they are always wanted to get updated content for their search viewers. So it is very important that you have to give more priority to the Content. Maintain standards while writing a post, means you have to be very careful while writing content for your web page, need to use some header tags, bold tags, keyword Prominence etc.
And also it is very important to keep update your content regularly, if you keep update your content, then search engines think that your website is in an active state and updating always, so you will prioritize in the search results.

Increase External link Popularity:

Getting external links for your website is most essential to increase your page ranking, external links are just like a vote for your website, as many links you get from external websites, that much good rank you make in the SERP, this called Bakclinking in search engine terms.Not only this you can use directory submission, article writing, guest posting and many methods. But be careful don’t do the excess amount of submissions as search engines can consider it as SPAM.
So if you are working on the external linking part, you must remember some issues..
Don’t do excess amount of directory submissions, because search engine may consider it as SPAM.
Always use anchor text with targeted keyword when providing a link to a directory.
Use Article writing directories and SPIN your articles and get effective backlinks.
These are quite enough to work out, if you have more suggestions please let me know.

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