Apple goes shopping Adobe?

You may have seen many rumors about super acquisitions in the technology world that have not passed it, rumors, but if the buzz that went through the internet today is confirmed, we will see in the coming months the explosion of one of the biggest bombs in history.

With 51 billion dollars in cash, it took Steve Jobs declares during a conference last week that Apple is keeping the money in order to use it in a “strategic opportunity” for some market analysts began to speculate about what are the targets of the company.

Among the names cited there are Adobe, Netflix, and even Facebook, which co-founder Mark Zuckerberg recently dined with Jobs, but the list does not stop there. Besides the giant Disney and Electronic Arts also included in the list, the most shocking possibility certainly talks about a possible purchase Sony. Although this deal seems very unlikely, it is important to mention that last year the creators of the Playstation family had a loss of $ 400 million and its market value today revolves around U.S. $ 40 billion, which would allow Apple still stay with a few bucks in the coffers to organize a party.

Does this mean that one day we will see an iPlaystation? Was very unlikely, but maybe people are just thinking with the head of a mere mortal, who can hardly imagine a transaction of this size and who are not prepared to experience a big change in the gaming industry. But who knows?

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